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The emotional lyrics of Maura Rogers will tug at your heart, the Bellows will get the rest of your body moving. With songs ranging from quiet, soul baring ballads to guitar-driven rock, the Cleveland, Ohio based band adds a new twist to the alt folk genre.

After performing as a solo artist for many years, Maura released her debut album, “Get Up Girl” in 2010 and was able to share her music in live performances from New York to California. Following the release of her solo album, she assembled a back-up band that eventually became The Bellows. Together they released “A Good Heart Will Break.”

Performing in promotion of their album, Maura Rogers and the Bellows have shared the stage with Shovels and Rope, Ivan and Alyosha, Kelly Hogan, Freedy Johnson, Ken Stringfellow, Erin McKeown and Freakwater amongst others.


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  • Waterloo regram from @coolcleveland
  • Waterloo regram from @coolcleveland
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