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Thanksgiving has special meaning for The Bean Sisters, who share much more than music (photos, video)

By Joanna Connors, the Plain Dealer. 
When Maura Rogers sits down today to give thanks, she will have a list that lasts as many days as there are in November. She puts them on Facebook, day by day. Read more…

Cleveland Scene: C-Notes Interview and EP Release Preview

Last year, singer-songwriter Maura Rogers was so pleased with the progress she had made with her live band that she sought to document it in some way. The director who had helmed her previous music video was unavailable so she decided to bring in aspiring local director, Damien Campbell, to film some live footage. Read more…

VIDEO: Fox 8 Morning Show

Maura Rogers & The Bellows has a full schedule of shows this summer to share the new music from their just released CD ‘In Light’. Watch the video clips here…

Cleveland Magazine: Summer Fun Guide 2015

In Light, out now, Maura Rogers and the Bellows. Less than a year after folksy singer-songwriter Maura Rogers received a kidney transplant from a bandmate, she lost her mother. “The album is about the balance between having a second chance at life and losing someone so important to me,” she says. Read more…

Local Bands Locals Love

“Backed by her terrific band, the Bellows, this alt folk chanteuse lays bare her life stories in her music,” Fryberger said. “After enduring kidney failure that resulted in a transplant (donated by her accordion player), Rogers wrote an album about her ability to overcome adversity.”

Good Housekeeping Article: The Bean Sisters

Finding a Friend and Lifesaver on Craigslist: Musician Maura Rogers placed an online ad for a bandmate, and ended up getting the new kidney she desperately needed.

Maura Rogers and The Bellows breaks out stronger, more confident sophomore album

It’s a new day in many ways for singer-songwriter Maura Rogers, who is about to release her sophomore album “A Good Heart Will Break,” which is her first project with new backing band the Bellows. “While my first CD, ‘Get Up Girl,’ was a big step for me, there’s a vulnerability on that album and a delicacy for sure. I feel a little bit more confident, just sure of myself and my voice on this new album,” said Rogers, a 1995 Wickliffe High School graduate.  “Not only does that come from working with a band and understanding my voice more as an instrument, but also just with the life experiences I’ve had in the last few years.” Whereas her previous effort was pure folk, Rogers said the new album falls squarely in the Americana genre, with the accordion-driven “Norma Jean” epitomizing her sound. While she admits music is her life, right now her life requires a kidney transplant, which Rogers said is scheduled to happen within a few weeks. Her donor could possibly be one of her band members being tested for a match. Read more…

Maura Rogers Brings Life Experience to New CD

Maura Rogers is relatively new to the area music scene — she started to get her name out about six-seven years ago at open mics. A few years on the singer-songwriter circuit culminated in a 2010 solo album Get Up Girl. Soon after that, she began working with additional musicians, leading to the five-piece Maura Rogers & the Bellows. That lineup, together for two years, recorded A Good Heart Will Break, which they’ll release with a show at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday night at the Beachland Tavern.“It was such a transition,” says Rogers. “I thought, ‘Holy hell, this is hard work.’ It was so much more sound.” Rogers took up songwriting over a decade ago in college at Baldwin-Wallace’s noted music theater program. She worked for Great Lakes Theater Festival after college, working on an Ohio history play based on stories told by people from across the state. “It was one of the most important jobs I’ve done with my life,” she says. “ Storytelling is part of who I am and oral history is one way of doing that. Writing songs is another. She says that while her writing is influenced by artists ranging from Patty Griffin and Cyndi Lauper to Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and Nina Simone, “Life experiences shape the way I tell stories.” Read more…

“A Good Heart Will Break” Review: Maura Rogers & the Bellows

Singer-guitarist Maura Rogers has spent the last couple of years coping with serious health issues (she just recently underwent a kidney transplant), and in the lyrics here you can hear the emotional toll that has taken on her. On “Cowboy Song,” she sings about getting “caught up in a memory” and her frustrating search for true love. While it doesn’t stray from themes expressed in the other songs, the rave-up “Good Harm” provides a good kick in the pants as Rogers lets the band loose; she has to really wail just to be heard above the din. The accordion-driven “Something More” has a good, freewheeling energy, too. The album-closing “What the Doctor Said” is a somber autobiographical ballad in which Rogers says she would “rather go out singing” than take the doctor’s orders and put aside her music. It’s a triumphant final statement that really rings true. See the full review…

Maura Rogers at the Beachland and back on the circuit

It’s good to have Maura Rogers back on the circuit again following her kidney transplant last year. The ebullient performer with the crisp, sparkling voice released her CD A Good Heart Will Break last July before taking time off for her operation and recovery. It’s filled with the kind of warm and heartfelt folk-rock tunes that can quickly feel like long-loved favorites. She performs at the Beachland Tavern with her band the Bellows, which includes her organ donor, accordionist Meredith Pangrace. Nate Jones and Joey Beltram open.


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